Seller's Guide

  • The Selling Process
  • Selling Your Home, The Easy Way
  • For Sale By Owner
  • What A Listing Agent Does
  • Our Custom Marketing Strategy
  • Move-Up Sellers
  • Seniors and Retirees
  • Investors
  • REO Managers

The Selling Process
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Selling Your Home, The Easy Way
Selling your home does not have to be stressful. Handled by an expert, the whole process should be stimulating and adventurous, but smooth. Your listing agent should be sufficiently well informed about market conditions to give you a realistic idea what to expect in terms of price and market response to your home, including the length of time you can expect the selling process to require. A good agent is essential to making the right choice in accepting any contract, and particularly when choosing among several. Whether you are purchasing or renting another home locally or in another area, your agent should be able to co-ordinate your sale with your purchase or move, so that both are concluded at the same time. We take care of the details during marketing and all the way through settlement. We make sure you have all the facts you need to make good decisions along the way.

For Sale By Owner
Some people want to sell their homes themselves in order to save the commission. The buyers who are looking to purchase a home directly from the owner are also trying to save the commission. Thus, the basic conditions of the potential transaction involve two parties who are probably not professional negotiators each trying to save the same money. This spells trouble.

  • If you are among those who intend to sell by themselves, please ask yourself the following questions first:
  • Who priced your property? How confident are you that the price is correct?
  • Who has a thorough grasp of all the details involved in the transaction?
  • Do you understand how to evaluate your purchaser's financial qualifications? Are you willing to ask him/her detailed questions about his/her income and credit? Do you know the difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval? Between pre-approval from Lender A and pre-approval from Lender B?
  • If the purchaser has a buyer agent, you are unrepresented. What are you going to do? Do you really know all the different negotiable issues on a real estate contract?
  • Who will write the contract when you get a prospective purchaser? If you are going to have your attorney do it, he/she will try to protect your interests exclusively. Some attorneys may frighten off your purchaser by their attitude and the document they generate. If the buyer has his/her attorney do it, you are unrepresented. If you and the purchaser each have attorneys, the process of contract negotiation may be long and expensive. How much money, if any, will you wind up saving?
  • If no attorneys or real estate professionals are involved, important local and Federal disclosures may be missed, leading to future liability; or issues that were not brought up and resolved during contract negotiation may become problems later in the transaction or after settlement.
  • If you want to handle some or all of the marketing of your home yourself, we may be willing to provide specific advice and/or services on a fee basis. Talk to us.

What Listing Agent Does
A good listing agent performs a detailed analysis of the value of your home and devises a marketing strategy appropriate to your circumstances and the nature of your property. Important considerations include your financial circumstances, your health and that of your family members, your desired speed of sale, and the resources-if any-you are willing and able to invest in preparing your home for sale. After an overall price and strategy are agreed upon with the client, the listing agent will market the property, solicit and receive offers on the property, negotiate the contract on behalf of the sellers, evaluate the purchasers' financial ability to consummate the transaction, and get the ratified contract to settlement. Other possible services include helping to get contractors to do any work that may be required before the property goes on the market and/or if repairs are required as a condition of settlement.

Our Custom Marketing Strategy
We listen carefully to our clients and try to devise a marketing strategy tailored to each seller's specific needs. No two clients or properties are exactly the same. We embrace the concept of "targeted marketing" -- that is, we adjust our marketing to the specific requirements of the seller and/or the property to attract the specific prospective purchasers who are most likely to want the property and be able to purchase it. We will advertise the property in different venues, may or may not suggest open houses, and adjust many other factors.

Move-up Sellers
You need an agent who can give you an accurate picture of how much your present home is worth and how much loan you can qualify for in order to determine what price range you can look in for your next purchase. You need someone who is willing and able to take the time to show you the full range of options available to you, with a monthly payment that makes you comfortable. You need someone who can help you secure advantageous financing for your next home.

You need someone who knows all the contractors, architects, painters, decorators, and landscapers who can quickly make your home market-ready without breaking the bank. And you need an agent who can co-ordinate your sale and your purchase so you do not find yourself homeless or having to move twice. If you are relocating out of our area, we will even find you a top Realtor® in other parts of the country. We can do all this for you, and make this potentially stressful time smooth, easy, and exciting.

Seniors and Retirees
You have heard the term "empty-nesters," and now, suddenly, it applies to you. Your home has been one of the biggest (and best) investments of your lifetime, and you want to get as much out of it as possible and keep as much of it as the law allows. We are very familiar with the tax laws pertaining to capital gain on the sale of a personal residence, and can help you with those considerations. If you own investment property, we can help you with that, too. If you contact us early enough in your retirement planning, we may be able to help you keep all of the gain from both your home and your investment property tax-free. Call us for valuable advice.

If you list your home with us, you can sell your home without your having to lift a finger. We will respect your schedule, being careful of your health needs. Also, we will help you evaluate your options for your next residence, assist in finding and evaluating movers, and contact potential sources of assistance if you need any. Call us to find out how we can help make this transition easy and profitable for you.

Our many years of experience and highly-developed real estate instincts have resulted in an almost uncanny sense of market psychology and timing. We also have an excellent grasp of terms and financing, and the tax laws regarding capital gains and tax-free exchanges. We can refer you to attorneys who are experts at tax-free exchanges. How do we help you as our investor client? Once we have discussed your needs and priorities, we go and seek out properties specifically for you, network with other agents who may be about to list properties that meet your needs. This way, we can even find properties for you before they hit the market. We will use our expertise to help you evaluate the potential of each property. Once you have chosen a property, we will locate advantageous financing for your purchase. We can also locate advantageous refinancing options for property you already own, to make the best of your current investments.

REO Managers
We treat institutional owners as we would individual homeowners; that is, with respect for your specific needs and requirements, and the money your institution has tied up in the investment. We listen to you to find out your agenda. We realize it may change from time to time and property to property. You may desire a quick sale, or a certain dollar amount. Your policy may necessitate selling "as is", or you may have the option of making repairs. We turn in accurate BPOs. We want to make sure that you get the maximum for your property and will advise you about the best way to sell. We work with contractors to put your property in the desired condition. We will have your properties secured, cleaned, spruced up, or renovated as you wish. We put contracts together that stay together, clear up title problems, and get your properties gone in accordance with your guidelines.

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Ellen Levy
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