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Discounts on Replacement Windows!
Barry is the local distributor for American Jewel Windows. He will beat other vendors' bid on price, quality, or both; when you complete a transaction with The Levy Team.

Washington Movers
With just a few clicks 123 Movers can find you Fast, Free, no obligation quotes from local & interstate moving companies, auto transport specialists, self storage organizations, international movers and more. Relocation can be a stressful event so let us help you find the moving services you need by searching our directory of licensed movers.

Listing Book Service
Listing Book Service! Search, store and track your home choices from all homes for sale in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Visit http://levyteam.listingbook.com today! 

Request Free Buyer Counseling Session
We will arrange a meeting with you that will last approximately one hour. We will discuss your housing needs and considerations.
We also assist you with the financial aspects of purchasing a home. Based on your circumstances, we will estimate what you can afford to spend.
Sometimes people do not wish to buy as much house as they qualify for. We plan to show you the best properties you can afford at the monthly payments that make you comfortable.
We will then suggest places where you are most likely to find what you are looking for.
As a service to our clients, we also determine the most suitable and advantageous financing for each individual. Then we suggest special programs, reputable lenders, and even specific loan officers whom we have found to be experienced and capable.
This is not something that most real estate agents do, but it is a special service that we perform for you because we can!
Barry Levy had 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry before joining the Levy Team. Now he can pass the benefits of his wisdom on to you.

Free Security System
We offer a Free Security System from a major national company to anyone who buys or sells a home through us. Contact us to find out specific details on the system, offer, and more.

Free Seller Counseling Session
We will arrange a meeting with you that will last approximately one hour. We will determine the time frame you are dealing with and the possible listing price for your home.
We will also devise a marketing strategy tailor-made to your property and to your individual situation and concerns.
If you are also looking to buy another home locally, we can become your buyer agents as well. If your looking to buy another home out of state, we can refer you to exceptional agents in the new area.

SAVE UP TO $17,510*

SAVE UP TO $17,510* On Your Home Purchase!

How? It is easy. A buyer can simply hire the LEVYTEAM as their buyer agent. If you have a current buyer agency agreement with another agent, just buy a LEVYTEAM listing. A seller can simply list their house with the LEVYTEAM.
After all, a house with superior financing may bring a premium price.

NO MONEY DOWN on a home. Five % down on a two unit.
No mortgage insurance. Market rates.

Here are the details. Ask your Levy Team representative for further explanation.

1. Maximum loan amount $417,000.
2. Loan available in low/moderate income census tracts regardless of your income.
3. If your income is low enough, loan available anywhere you can afford to buy.

*Savings calculated compared to FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium or VA Funding Fee, neither of which is required on our loan program. These fees amount to 3% of loan amount. If you borrow $417,000, 3% is $12,510.

What about the other $5,000? This is closing cost assistance in the form of a “soft second trust” from a homeownership assistance program. Not many agents know about it.

You do have to qualify on income. The money is a loan. In order to get the loan you must put $1 up for every $3 you wish to receive. Therefore, to get the full $5,000, you must put up $1667 towards your closing costs, or down payment if you are making one.
No interest is charged. No payments are required. $1,000 is forgiven for every year you live in your new home. If you are in your home 5 years, the full loan is forgiven.

Finding these programs is an example of the extraordinary lengths we go to serve our seller clients and our buyer clients.

Important: Request a no-obligation email list of the applicable counties and states where the special financing is available. If you are interested in purchasing in an area we do not serve, we will find you a top agent and still get you the special financing.

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Ellen Levy
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