Washington, DC Capital of Family Life

capitol.jpgWashington, DC is one of the premier cities of the world. It is a national and world capital, a center of power and influence; city of monuments and museums; pinnacle of the arts; a “brain city”, home to think tanks, consultants, and universities.  It is also home to over 630,000 people who live and work in the District or in the surrounding region. The District Government’s website is www.dc.gov

Recreational opportunities abound in DC, which is one of the reasons why it is a tourist mecca.  World class entertainment is offered at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and a number of other theaters, including the Shakespeare Theater Company, Arena Stage, and Woolly Mammoth.  The Smithsonian Institution runs a 19 museums, including the Museum of American History, the Museum of Natural History (home of the Hope Diamond), and the National Zoo. Its website is www.si.edu.  Restaurants and shops are available for all tastes and pocketbooks.

Rock Creek bridge.jpgRock Creek Park, with its 17,000 acres, is the largest urban park in the world.  Its facilities include jogging and bicycle trails, a riding stable, golf course, nature center, planetarium, and picnic groves. It is under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. www.nps.gov/rocr.
The past two decades have seen an influx of people in their twenties who are attracted by the vibrant atmosphere.  They are urban by choice and transforming the city.  When they have children, many are choosing to stay in the city rather than move to the suburbs. 
Real estate sales in the District in 2013 covered an enormous range.  Single family detached homes sold for anywhere from $48,502 for a small fire damaged house in SE to $8,600,000 for an 8 bedroom home in Georgetown.  Fee simple townhouses ranged from $59,000 to $2,675,000.  Condo and co-op townhouses went from $17,500 to $5,200,000.  Small multi-unit investment properties went from $60,000 to $1,925,000.  (Major commercial properties cost far more.) You can search for homes in the Realtors’ database via the search buttons on the home page of this website.  
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With such a bewildering range of options, it is essential to form a relationship with a skilled and experienced real estate agent to guide you through the areas and options available to you in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas.  Ellen and Barry Levy have lived in all three of the local jurisdictions (DC, MD, and VA) over the last several decades, and would be pleased to guide you.  Contact us for an in-depth consultation without obligation.  Online meetings are available.


Ellen Levy
Ellen Levy
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